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Vintage Illustrator Brush-Kit

$ 5,00

Vintage Illustrator Brush-Kit

  • In this set, you will get 54 REALISTIC ink and pen VINTAGE look brushes. You will love to use these brushes in Illustrator on any kind of projects, from illustrations for kids, grunge style illustrations, comic and VINTAGE and ANTIQUE look projects.Illustrator Brushes:11 – Vintage Brushes 3 – 11 Brushes works with Adobe Illustrator CC+ 27 – Pattern Vintage Brushes 2 – 27 Brushes works with Adobe Illustrator CS3+ 16 – Vintage Brushes 3 – 11 Brushes works with Adobe Illustrator CC+

    Works with Adobe Illustrator CC+

    To use the brushes simply choose a brush, select the brush tool, and draw. The color and width of the strokes can be adjusted easily.

    If you love the brushes or creation what you’ve made with them, don’t hesitate to share!


    Windows users: You need to open them from Illustrator: Brushes – Other Library – find brushes and just click on them.

    Mac users: Just copy all of the brush files into your Illustrator brush Library. (User – Library – Application Support – Adobe – Adobe Illustrator (your version) – Your Language – Brushes)


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